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Best Mortgage Rates in Ontario

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  • What Mortgage Brokers Actually Do
  • Where to Start Looking for your Mortgage Broker
  • What Credentials You Should Look For
  • 10 Key Things to Look For to keep You from Paying Too Much
  • Questions to Ask your Broker to get You the Best Deal
  • What Your Next Steps Should Be
  • Recommended Resources
  • Plus Much More!

This report was professionally written by an unbiased, professional writer that specializes in the mortgage industry. This free report will give you the confidence and guidance you need when not only searching for the best information but also the all-important questions to ask so you can avoid potential heartache and frustration. After you’ve had a chance to review the report one of our representatives may contact you to provide a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

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What Mortgage Brokers Actually Do?

If you’re thinking about buying a house, you’re going to need a mortgage, maybe you’ve even thought about hiring a mortgage broker. But, what is a mortgage broker, and why do you need one?

A mortgage broker is an individual or company that acts as a “go-between” between you and the lender from whom you get your Loan. When you find a mortgage broker, they will search many different products, deals and packages that are offered through many different lenders, to find the mortgage deal that’s best for you. Many homeowners often wonder if they’d be better off just going to the local bank they’re used to doing business with, rather than going to the trouble of finding a broker. That generally isn’t the case; mortgage brokers hold many benefits over banks when it comes to finding a mortgage.

The first and biggest advantage that mortgage brokers hold over banks is that they aren’t there to just push one product, or promote one company. They represent many different lenders, anywhere from 25 – 100 depending on the broker. Having this many options will give you the best deal possible on your mortgage.

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Best Mortgage Rates in Ontario?

Bank Mortgage Broker
Market Share60% of Total Mortgage Market40% of Total Mortgage Market
DescriptionChartered banking institution with personal banking, credit card, loan and mortgage services.Licensed mortgage specialist with access to multiple lenders and mortgage rates. An intermediary whose commission is paid by the lender providing the mortgage product.
LenderYes – Constricted to Their Own Lending GuidelinesNo – Uses ALL Lenders to Shop the Best Mortgage Rates
Puts application togetherYesYes
ExamplesTD, RBC, BMO, CIBC, Scotia, INGTD, RBC, CIBC, Scotia, ING The Mortgage Centre, Dominion Lending, Safebridge Financial, True North Mortgage, Macquarie…
ProsBanks allow you to consolidate your services with a provider you have an ongoing relationship with.Mortgage brokers essentially shop for the Best Mortgage Rate and negotiate the Best Mortgage Rate for you, then present You the lowest rate on the market. Volume discounts achieved by mortgage brokers are passed directly to you.
ConsBanks can only access and offer you their own rates and products. Banks will regularly give discounts on their posted mortgage rates; however, you are responsible for this negotiation as it is not freely offered.Mortgage brokers are a less familiar avenue, and most first-time home buyers would not have pre-existing relationships with them as their sole function is to provide Mortgages.